Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Discordia. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Community guidelines

    1. These guidelines apply only to the outside the game behavior. Discord channel, GitHub repository, OOC channel in the game etc. In game behavior is not regulated by this, but there is a small nuance – OOC ban could be transferred in game and vice versa. #
    2. It’s just a game, and we are all here to have a good time. Long-term conflicts, toxic behavior and the publication of personal information without permission are not allowed. In short – don’t be a dick. #
    3. NSFW and malicious content is prohibited. The content that violates Discord’s own terms of service as well as any other rules of platforms that we are based on are also prohibited. Let's not create problems for ourselves. #
    4. Spamming is not allowed. Advertising of other communities however is allowed within reasonable limits. #
    5. It is forbidden to harm the community by disrupting the work of any of its platforms, whether by attempting to somehow disable the game server or by hacking of any systems related to the project. #
    6. If it was proved that the player's behavior on the server has mainly negative impact, the player will be banned from the community forever. #
    7. Make your message clear. Don’t overuse memes and don't cross the threshold of socially acceptable content. #
    8. If you plan to antagonize the entire community, then you better leave the server and look for another place to play. Otherwise, you will be forced to do so. #
  2. Game rules

    1. These rules apply only in the game itself, and enforced only by the administration of the game server. #
    2. Perform your basic job duties

      1. You can rebel against your superior or faction only if you have good reasons to do so. Said reason can be prolonged conflict with your superior or unlawful/inhumane orders. It is better to ask an admin before rebelling. #
      2. The engine should be up and running within an acceptable time; people should not die in the waiting room of the medical bay while the doctors are off to drink some tea, etc. Remember that the life of the whole ship depends on the work of key jobs. Heads and AI shouldn’t leave the game right after the round start. It is recommended to contact the administration if you have an emergency. #
    3. Using of multiple alt accounts

      1. This greatly complicates the work of the administration, and is punished quite seriously. If you want to switch to another account, contact with the server administration. The server administration however has the right to use several accounts for its own purposes. #
    4. Intentional murder/isolation/infliction of grievous bodily harm without any reason a.k.a. griefing

      1. You must have a good reason for killing another player. This can be: self-defense, a long-running conflict, the execution of the order (the person who gave the order will answer for the murder) and the execution of the death sentence. #
      2. A long-term conflict is considered to be a conflict with an adequate cause, which was played for a minimum of 15-20 minutes of the round. At the same time, the conflict with the whole ship or the whole security department is not an excuse. #
      3. Violation will always be considered in the context of events that were before it. Usually, the one who created this situation is the one who will take responsibility. #
      4. Total isolation of the player without opportunity to get out equates to murder. #
      5. Causing severe harm, as a result of which the victim spent a long (half an hour or more) time in the med bay, is punished with a term that is half that of a killing in a similar situation. #
      6. In any case, if you doubt your right to use lethal force, ask the administration. You can’t be punished for the violence that the administrator has allowed. #
    5. Don’t use IC the knowledge that your character don’t posses

      1. Do not use any OOC knowledge for IC benefit. It would be strange if your character would run through the whole ship just to help someone who asked about it in OOC. #
      2. The crew does know about the existence of all antagonists and they have approximate information about their methods, but they don't know about certain details neither do they know the full list of antagonist’s abilities. #
      3. Don’t carry your grudges from round to round, don’t kill someone just because he killed you last round, just as you shouldn’t give a full access to someone with who you are in good relations OOC. We do understand that prejudice is inevitable, but try to not get too far. #
    6. Immersion breaking

      1. Your speech should match the roleplaying, not your usual behavior in the chat rooms. It should correspond to how the characters of movies and books talk. Remember that a decent standard of the language should be maintained at all times. #
      2. Do not act against the game lore. #
      3. When using flavor text (character description) it is forbidden to write history, characteristic and so on. Only appearance, and separately placed OOC notes, if you so need it. #
      4. Your character’s name should not have any honorifics or nicknames just as it’s shouldn’t be a joke or a reference to a historical person or popular culture. #
    7. Communicate competently

      1. It's difficult to talk about some kind of role-playing atmosphere in general, when adult characters, the crew of a spaceship, talk like sixth graders at a break. Try to make as few mistakes as possible. #
      2. There are two servers divided by language, Russian and English. The basic game communication on each of them must be in the language of the server. #
    8. IC in OOC

      1. Discussing or mentioning of events of the current round in the OOC channel is punishable. This also applies to the Discord channel, forums and other ways of communicating. #
    9. OOC co-op

      1. It is forbidden to use non-game communication tools to coordinate actions in the game. #
    10. ERP

      1. No Erotic Role Play allowed whatsoever. Kisses and hugs are allowed though. #
  3. Admin conduct

    1. Act as an adequate and adult person #
    2. The most important note, never forget that it’s just a game and people are here to have some fun. And you are here probably because you want to help them. Don’t pretend to be a God of this game. Communicate with everyone on equal terms, be calm and solve problems with a cold head and a warm heart. And always keep a good sense of humor. #
    3. It is obvious that we are not call center operators on wages. Nobody forbids you to swear or to tell someone what they deserve by using the whole might of the abusive language you could only use. But this is a matter of the general atmosphere of the community. If you endlessly insult the players, they will see the administration as their enemies and this isn't something you would want to have. #
    4. Don’t pretend to be a master schemer. You will be kicked out if you will intentionally cause drama to force your point of view, kick someone else from the staff, or do any of stupid things like that. Don’t use your administration tools to make people go against each other, just as you shouldn’t hide something from someone just so you would have a clear reputation in the community. #
    5. Have a good sense of humor and don't act as a crybaby. In this game, absolutely fucked up things can happen, players can consistently offend your relatives, the game itself can break into pieces, so it is highly recommended to have the ability to approach the matter with humor. #
    6. Keep things that have reasons to be publicly open – open, keep secrets safe. Ban reasons, development status, finance politic – that’s all should be clear to the public, but there is always could be a situation that should be kept safe. For instance, if someone was drunk to hell and privately poured out his soul about everything that happened with him recently – it’s not a good thing to let everyone know about it. #
    7. Never be afraid to ask for help

      1. If you have doubts about banning someone – ask other admins about it. #
      2. If you are a part of a sticky situation, or you have your friends being killed in a round – it could be better to let someone else resolve this situation. #
      3. If there is no admins around to help – whine at your head admin. #
    8. Discuss an incident before issuing a verdict. If violator of the rules is on the server and he is capable to talk – do talk to him. Listen to his reasons, ask other admins or players if you want. And make sure that the violator understood why the ban is issued on him. #