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BYOND username:


Banning admin:


Type of Ban:


Reason for ban:

ADMIN LOG: infraredbaron has banned Reason: Constant notion of toxic behaviour, metagaming and ick ockery, self-antaging and ignoring admin warnings - especially toxic behaviour. Applying perma at request of headmin. Godspeed TheSkeleton

Your version of events:

I'd like to reiterate everything i've said in the previous appeal, on the old Eris forums, but also include the vouch that was requested of me.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

It's been 6 months and i'm not an irredeemable shitler. Give me a second chance i never got.

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Re: TheSkeleton - INFRARED_BARON

Post by Gray »

I was going to think about this before unbanning you but considering it's Dwarf giving you the vouch, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

If Infrared is also okay with it, he's free to unban you. However, be aware that you're on thin ice and quite frankly a few of my admins haven't taken kindly to your continued shenanigans in discord. Try to prove you're a good player.
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Re: TheSkeleton - INFRARED_BARON

Post by Lumbermancer »

The one round I played with him, on test server few days ago, he was a decent cargo tech. No complaints. But then I have no reference since his ban is from before my time on Eris.
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Re: TheSkeleton - INFRARED_BARON

Post by Eff1st »

You will be unbanned, but you will have permas for lings and IH to prevent shit. Once you prove you are good player, you can think about appealing them.