antagban appeal - jeffery jefferson

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antagban appeal - jeffery jefferson

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BYOND username:


Banning admin:


Where were you banned:

EN server

Type of Ban:

Permanent job ban

Reason for ban:

turned off shields as blitz and vented areas, shot at fuel tanks near power wires on same round

Your version of events:

I was shooting out windows and turned off the shields to allow me to evade people EVA while they cannot pursue. I had previously ahelped if doing this exact same thing (turning off shields and busting windows) was okay as blitz, and i was given a "go wild just do a few contracts" from grey, so i thought it was okay to do.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

I didn't do anything against the rules. The rule on antags is "When you have an antag role - you are allowed to kill people as much as you need, provided they are not your allies. But you don't need to be asshole about it, don't murder whole server on low population, for example. It's totally not fun for others.", the server was around 20-30 pop, witch is not lowpop.

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Re: antagban appeal - jeffery jefferson

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Approved for now.