sugarbone - grayrachnid

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sugarbone - grayrachnid

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BYOND username/Discord Name and Tag:

C-key: sugarbone Discord: Bonhomme#3433

Banning admin:


Where were you banned:

Discord, EN server, RU server

Type of Ban:


Reason for ban:

Constantly argues with admins and demands that they follow his demands. Admitting that he will metagrudge another player if we do not ban them for killing him. Similar actions have been recorded by other servers and they clearly show no sign of changing their behavior. Their behavior is not appreciated on our server and nobody in the community will enjoy having you around. Please find another community that can tolerate your narcissism.

Your version of events:

I have developed an awful attitude of constantly a-helping whenever I lost the game. This attitude spanned several servers and usually involved severe toxicity and requests for another admin to handle the situation. On some occasions, it also resulted in me causing drama in discord. Whilst I do not remember having serious problems concerning IC play, this did grow to be quite problematic. However, what broke the camel's back was an incident involving someone killing me due to a misunderstanding. I didn't think it was justified, so I a-helped it. The admin sorted the situation, pointing out the perspective of the accused. I harshly denied that perspective and demanded another admin to handle the situation. The next admin disagreed with me, so I proceeded to trash-talk him. This procedure was repeated with several other admins, eventually leading to the EN server Head. I then demanded that the player be banned, threatening to remove the player from the community through my own actions if the admins would not do it. This led to a Rule 0.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

I acted extremely immaturely, demanding the owners of the server to follow my wishes. I refused to acknowledge the perspective of other players. Instead of accepting the admin's decision and handling it properly (taking it to the feedback forums, for example), I proceed to insult the admin team, waste their time, and cause drama. Moreover, I tried to force the admin team to ban a fellow player, which is an insult to the community and could have caused problems in the community had the admins agreed. In these ten months, I have tried to reconsider the way I play and communicate with admins. I understand that, after all these actions, it might be difficult to believe me, so I attached a voucher from another server (/vg/).

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Re: sugarbone - grayrachnid

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Alright. Appeal accepted.