Round from the 11.6.2020

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Round from the 11.6.2020

Post by Alliostra »

I had some complaints about some things which happened in a round that started around 10:00 pm on the 11.6.2020, but my ahelps apparently didnt reach anyone, so im taking this to the forums. Feel free to set this to private if you feel like it is appropriate.

The complaints are about the two players Inspector Mantequila (KKJ) and Captain Felsenauge (Zuperned)

So, some background: I wanted to start an organ harvesting business as vagabond, but the captain COINCIDENTALLY made a law which made all bodies property of Moebius. I tried to bribe him into revoking the law, but he did not accept, so I called him a faggot while IH escorted me out, but im pretty sure he did not hear that.

Some time passes, and as I walk in the hallway next to the FO office, Inspector Holt flashes me randomly. After I could see again, Holt had been disarmed by some crewmembers, so i grab him and try to throw him into a window, but fail. In short order, me and some other crewmembers were in a fight against Holt and Mantequila, who at first just used their rubber revolvers and tasers while I tried to disarm them. Then, however, Mantequila shot me twice with his lethal martin (note how he had previously used the taser mode of the martin, but then switched to lethal). After I got knocked out by more rubbers, Mantequila continued to beat me with his martin while I was well into hardcrit already and being dragged to the medbay by someone else. When I arrived at medbay, my screen was almost entirely white. If you need more information about what happened, ask Holt, Melvin Lauffer or Viktor Nikolayev (Mateja).

After Medbay stabilized me somewhat, I started to Insult the captain and IH for being retards who shoot up random people. The captain threatened to "finish the job" if i didnt shut up and then came to medbay and shot me in the head three times while i was on the ground and unable to move. I survived this, but spent a more than considerable amount of time in surgery. I started to insult cap again, and he told people they were free to hurt me and "put me into my rightful place" and later told them that they could do to me whatever they wanted to.

Another thing that shows the lust for blood of Mante is that after the captain tried to remove the Lt. from his position, Mantequila joined sides with the captain and asked over comms if he was supposed to kill the Lt.

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BONUS: Zuperned and KKj talking about their RP philosophy in deadchat.
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Re: Round from the 11.6.2020

Post by RichardSanchez »

Everything Alliostra said is true. Both Sigmund Fulsenege and Jacob Mantequilla try to make "conflict". They think that the conflict they make is good, but what it truly does is turn IH against the whole crew.

For Sigmund Fulsenege, i didn't see him play eris that much, the first instance of me meeting him is when he requested to operate on a guy(as a vagabond) in medbay while I was there as a docor. I tossed him out of the Medbay because he was distracting me during the operation. He got salty and stole all the stuff from Medbay by breaking the walls. I killed him because he wouldn't return it. I also MMI'd him because i didn't want him to miss out on the round. A few moments after that he was borg'd and claimed that he had no laws even though in the end screen it said that he did. He attacked my wordlessly the whole time as a borg.
Then the man ( after what seems like he played Eris for 5 rounds in total) starts playing the captain and changes the agreement during the round. He forbbids guns and makes dead bodies the property of Medbay. Then he leads the IH into arresting me as a chemist because I was making chemicals that are considered Toxins and I lose about 45 minutes of the round playing with him.

As for Jacob Mantequilla. You can get the idea from the past experiences with him of who as a player he was and its hard not to meta grudge him and dodge every contact with him. Even though his past actions were bad i decieded to give him a chance and not meta grudge him.
Even if it sounds weird, he plays too much according to the agreement and makes bad conflict. He follows the agreement almost as if he was a robot. I as a chemist peeked thru the medical maintenence doors to see if there were any roach corpses. There I find a stash which had some ironhammer gear and weapons. I put on the security HUD, the heavy security armor vest (not sure about the name) and the bull. Then I return to chemistry and after some time I go out in the main hallway since I completed all my chemistry orders. There I face him. He starts interrogating me as to why I am wearing Ironhammer gear. I explain to him I found it in a stash outside in the medbay maints. He starts tasing me and taking off my stuff. Then Lieutenant comes in and even though he told him to stop, he still continued, claiming that he should arrest me for culpable negligence since I didn't do my job. He didn't return the stuff he stole to me and killed himself about 30 minutes after the said things. It almost seems like he just comes to ruin everyone's experience and then kills himself.