genessee mock

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genessee mock

Post by amessiah »

ckey: cookins
badmin ckey: genessee

its complain about genessee mocking me and a bit lied in reason of ban.
here ahelp clog:

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 [Moderator PM] Genessee: We need to talk.
 to Genessee: yeah

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Bud, can you hear me?

 to Genessee: can it wait 5 mins
 [Moderator PM] Genessee: No. Get to a safe spot and talk to me now.
 to Genessee: okies

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Can you explain to me why you killed all of the technomancers in custody?

 to Genessee: one of them was in custody...
 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Okay. So why did you kill all of the technomancers?
 to Genessee: other one jumped in cell and start to destroy windows

 to Genessee: other one was trying to get out...
 [Moderator PM] Genessee: He was breaking windows, so you killed him dead?

 to Genessee: he was armed, i think. but he wasnt shooting. also im all alone in brig without power... ther hive. Lieutenant gave order to arm up

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: We give you nonlethals for a reason. Did you have any reason not to use them besides being bloodthirsty?

 to Genessee: we got Lieutenant orders to arm up... they was too many for me... and i cant risk whole brig without knowing they reasons.... lilith was on arrest for some time

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Did the LT tell you to kill them, or to arm up to deal with the hive?

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Why didn't you call reinforcements? Why didn't you even attempt to use rubbers?

 to Genessee: Lieutenant died right before that.... im nobody to ask. i called for backup but nobody answers

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: None of them were actively attacking you. They were trying to get more men to deal with the hive.

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: And you're telling me you shot them dead because they were breaking a window during an active hive threat?

 to Genessee: possible im wrong... i thought lore of this server quite strict about bad dealing with IH

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Lore or not, did you read the rules at all?

 to Genessee: that one guy jumped from above to cell to criminal and hide in locker

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: So everything you told me basically makes them out as vandals. And none of them attacked you, so you basically shot a bunch of technomancers for an extremely minor offence.
 to Genessee: i read of course. and i saw how IH killed not once in this server for almost no reason. i thought it that how it working here. - Ih shows strenght
 to Genessee: its not vandals.

 to Genessee: you telling to know laws yourself

 to Genessee: how guys that escaping arrest called? escaping cell?

 to Genessee: that not vandals

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Right. So as far as I can tell, you've blatantly murdered a prisoner and a civilian on extremely flimsy excuses. I'm gonna go ahead and give you a week-long ban from all security roles to let you cool off.

 to Genessee: bye bye

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: You can still play non-security roles during this week.

 to Genessee: you better watch another activity for IH... cuz now i will report every murder to you, personally

 to Genessee: yeah yeah

 to Genessee: we will see how you watching laws as admins

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: If you'd like to clog ahelps, I can just ban you for the rest of the day as well to give you a chance to calm down.

 [Moderator PM] Genessee: Would you like me to do that?

 to Genessee: you can do whatever you like... i see that you even threating me with whole day ban?

 to Genessee: sure go ahead.. i will tell in every ss13 discord about it
 to Genessee: about admin grief
its happened just now, so here how it was.
i killed two guys in brig cell, as sergeant, while them were trying to break free of cell with tools. first of all there was alarm about hive and all IH gone to deal with issue with lieutenant. before that all power on brig gone. so I sitting in dark there, with 2 prisoners in cells. one of them trying to get off cuffs. then third person jumped from somewhere above right in cell and hide in locker, but i noticed him already. i called back up. while that guy got our from locker and start to remove windows to another cell, with another prisoner. i took my stun gun and start to shoot him. that not stoped him. i called for back up again - no answer (right before that operatives said over radio that lieutenant dead). then that other "guest" start to remove window to escape from cell to me. i took my gun with already lethals in it (lieutenant order us to arm themselfs right when hive alarm triggered) and start to shoot them in cell (point that his device in arm looked like weapon for me, thats why i start shooting him... i then realized that this possible was something else, maybe). well anyway they both were technomancers and looked same. i wasnt sure which one is "guest". specially when others officers arrived in a while, second guy in cell was again hiding in locker and officer got in throught window and then second TM opened locker, and officer falled and start shaking - i killed another one. all my exp at this server telling me that IH always dealing bad with all, killing them and so i thought its about lore here... im playing ss13 about 10 years and of course know rule about killing without real reason. but on that server its happens quite often - all armed, shooting quite often happens. i thought its about lore, like factions war, IH security brutality and so on. so they both dead, lying in cell. its just explanation about why i was job banned for week, not ban appeal. so after admin contacted me. he said that i murdered without reason, as i suspected. so he job banned me from IH for week. well its ok, cuz i, indeed, killed them, BUT not for vandalism, as he said, but trying to prevent organized escape from brig cells with help of outsiders. that first his mistake. second - i agree with him that i not right and he start to mock me about he will also give me ban for day if I want to... i said him "do whatever you want", what else i can say to him? so he done what he desired, but thats was mocking. and of course that mocking pissed me off, so i told him, that i will say about it in all ss13 social groups, cuz i dont like when peoples using their position to mock others, that how it was. third, he typed in reason a bit lie then:
he said i start to threating him with clog to ahelp after jobban! i cant see where im threating him with ahelp clogs? that lie. its him who start to threaten me - "If you'd like to clog ahelps, I can just ban you for the rest of the day". seems its not me threaten. also its nothing bad about to tell others how admin threat players. i just said that i will report every IC murder by IH to him via ahelp, same as he contacted me when i killed both guys. not cuz im not agree with that, but because when IH killing other folks is fine, but when i killed both culprits, as IH - its against rules. for time i playing that server, IH quite often ruin my game with killing my mates from my department, without minor reasons (specially when there not enought peoples in department. thought its like department wars). there even was situation, when they dont want to give up back NeoTheology highest rank member (at that round it was acolyte) body back. and after long discussions, they returned body without head and cruciform, while its belongs to NeoTheology. and even captain ordered to return it, but they werent give a shit.... anyway, i wasnt threating him with any clogs or so.
i playing quite a while to not agree with that killing ban (it just my wrong seeing of server lore, i guess). of course i will now report every killing by IH, as they was doing always on this server and i saw only IC complains. its just shame that after my wrong understanding of servers lore i got week jobban, BUT mocking in my address and also day ban! hope somebody will place him to where he belongs for mocking players...
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Re: genessee mock

Post by genessee »

i killed two guys in brig cell, as sergeant, while them were trying to break free of cell with tools
Heya. Just wanted to poke my head in really fast - to clarify, this is not what happened.

There were three people, total - a technomancer that had gotten inside brig, and two more technomancers who were in custody.

Both prisoners were (obviously) unarmed and stripped of their equipment. You killed one of the prisoners (who, again, was unarmed) and the guy who was taking down the window to their cell (who didn't even attempt to attack you). You spared the last prisoner, mostly because they were in a different cell.

The biggest issue here was that you didn't even try to use nonlethals before killing these guys, despite them having showed no intent to harm you. Had you tried to stun and cuff them at first only to get shot at, you would have been in the right to turn to lethals. But you didn't, and instead just instantly wiped the floor with them because you thought they maybe possibly could have been armed. Maybe.
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Re: genessee mock

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My dude, unless you are sleeping with project leader then there's never any reason to act confrontational towards admin staff. It never helps your case, and always pays to act civil when you want to dispute bans. Take this hint for the future. Question whether or not the initial ban was justified (personally I dont think it was needed since there was loads of IC grey area in this situation, but I wasn't the one handing the ban) gets completely obscured when you start being spiteful and yell that you gonna spam the ahelps and throw filth at us on other ss13 communities, and it makes us bias against you, especially when you come after and continue to salt the earth and insult Genesse on the very begging by claiming he's badmin. We see the ahelps, we can check the logs, and we can make our own judgement. Personally I feel the 1 day ban is justified. Take some break, calm yourself, server will be running tomorrow so you'll be able to play anyway.