Juan Hayhurst - Excel

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Juan Hayhurst - Excel

Post by omnitricks »

26/10/2020 7:20am GMT

Start as excel and then tells on public comms the two locations for the excel stash leading to one being taken and the crew knowing there were excels.

In excel comms he admitted to doing it because he thought he was the only one (he wasn't, there were two others including me) which doesn't even make it better if true because he is still screwing over the team for no reason.
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Re: Juan Hayhurst - Excel

Post by genessee »

The guy thought he was solo excelsior (and he was, initially). He promptly got screwed over by storyteller, two new excelsiors were made as soon as he calls it out.

Dude was about to leave and - thinking he was solo excel - wanted to give people a chance to enjoy the benefits of excel equipment.

As soon as he realized he fucked up, he made an ahelp apologizing - no admins were online at the time, though.

Just adding some extra info here, personally I'd just slap him on the wrist and tell him to not do that but I'll leave the decision up to another admin.