MacBlaze or Blase

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MacBlaze or Blase

Post by Nozarati »

This person is an absolute time waste to listen to. Has shown time and time again he cannot continue a conversation without devolving to insults and shitposting things like "AAAAAAA" and other filler spam messages. His mere presence in a conversation makes me not want to contribute to it and im sure others feel the same. His knack for introducing nerfs and crappy ideas based on personal feelings doesn't sit well with me either. Constantly complaining and calling people retards makes him highly unlikable. Any complaints he has made towards administrators in the past should be disregarded, he himself provokes the kind of behavior that he complains about.
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Re: MacBlaze or Blase

Post by Alani »

Dunno what they have contributed, but yes. They have an attitude problem. I would not be surprised if they wear a fedora and some sort of long black coat in public and faun over any Asian person they see while speaking in some weird 'nice guy' voice until the person rejects them and they turn hostile and begin insulting the person.