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<Beastdog2man - Robosperg>

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BYOND username/Discord Name and Tag:

Beastdog2man or LongTittyTyrone

Banning admin:


Where were you banned:

En Server

Type of Ban:


Reason for ban:

"ban vasion"

Your version of events:

In January I got perma banned because I killed 2 (1 bled out for a while) people on a 5-6 player night shift around 2 in the morning I believe.

I was a non antag so obviously I'm bad for that. My reasoning was the round had gone on legitimately 6 minutes until the shuttle was called since the antag killed the captain, and so I just told people over the radio to run to the dorms cus I was "losing my shit" and kept ic saying that until I was a confirmed station threat and I proceeded to kill an afk character and shot at an excel member.

I get I was non antag
I just didn't take it serious because the round was so stale and it was just a few people on

My intent wasn't to kill but to maim people at best and just cause ic drama because it was genuinely a shit boring round

Why you think you should be unbanned:

- The antag that killed captain coincidentally had the same red hardsuit on all shift that I had found in maint so we both wore the same hardsuit; this meant that everyone who made their ahelps about the antag since they were confused at first (also why an admin even got on the server) made the ahelps on me instead with my ic name since they saw me while ghostrole.

- I only killed an afk person who I checked first, and then later the traitor himself who wore the same hardsuit as me (Not to mention he tried to kill me first being why i shot back)

Then I went to the north pod and got confronted by the already hostile ic excel member who shot back and forth from the pod door, I died but I think he bled out when he finally docked at the nanotrasen ship.

- I was made aware that he was excel, this character being the only one I actually got to do any speaking role play with in a 6 minute round made me aware they were excel. They gave me the excel disk very literally and we spoke about selling guns.

- Also the admin who initially banned me mentions my history from at least a year prior; that's a huge amount of time between offenses (I was told by an admin maybe a couple years ago now old stuff gets wiped if you're good and I've been chill and had been at that point as well).

Personally I think it definitely added to make my ban such a swift process with no questioning which is unfair given how old the mentioned history actually was (1-2 years ago).

- Now almost 3 months later I haven't played any ss13 and I lost my og c-key so I just made another and hopped on the server today.

Didn't do anything just played club manager and made food, had to shoot one shot gun shell in self defense and I took a guy to the med bay.

Admin asks me at round end if I know of my previous account, I just flat out agree so he bans me again.

fair obviously^^

but now I can finally appeal because I couldn't before

Why you think you should be unbanned:
Honestly got mob ruled out because the antag logged as soon as he died and I unfortunately had the exact same hardsuit the whole brief duration of the shift.

Overall, not only that perma but any of my bans to my memory have just been for doing something dumb on the midnight shift. That or in the very earliest Discordia days when admins where dead ass saying everyone was valid and just have decent judgement.

Of course that's not to say It wasn't fair I'm just pointing out I've been caught fucking around on the lowest possible level during faded hours if you catch my drift

Whenever I play normally, I just do my part for a decent rlp experience.

I always help the ic economy and everyone's business, I like to try and find reasons to make the station do stuff it normally doesn't (like the court house). Ill play ih and try my best to keep the station clean and functioning by myself a lot of the time on mid pop. I mean during Christmas I rlp ic as Bad Santa and gave people free drugs and guns whenever I came from maint diving.

I'm just trying to say I completely own up to mistakes I've made in the past, I'm a genuine player on the server, and I intend to have a good experience with everyone else online as I usually would do.

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Re: <Beastdog2man - Robosperg>

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Just doing a quick edit for my "reasons why I should be unbanned" i copy pasted some of the points that havent changed (since the origional incident)

It is no longer three month out but 7 months
I just want to reiterate prior to the ban I was playing for years without an incident so (personally) I feel like this is intense
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