If this is nonantag murder this is bullshit

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If this is nonantag murder this is bullshit

Post by omnitricks »

This happened on 25/1/2021 GMT and is easily summed up by

Reese Powell says, "To the death"
Lenny Muggins asks, "To the death?"
Lenny Muggins says, "No one wants to die"
Matthew Werner says, "Go fight in the holodeck, not here"
Lenny Muggins says, "Piss off"
Reese Powell says, "Fuck you"
Reese Powell says, "I'll kill you first"
Lenny Muggins says, "How about we use him for target practice"
Reese Powell says, "Agreed"
Lenny Muggins says, "We'll both be at our A-game in the duel then"
Lenny Muggins fires NT LG "Destiny"!
Reese Powell fires NT LG "Destiny"!
Matthew Werner stumbles around.
Lenny Muggins fires NT LG "Destiny"!
This no longer suffices. You turned stale and gray. You need more! Reach for a new horizon!
Reese Powell fires NT LG "Destiny"!
Matthew Werner stumbles around.
You have died.

This is no one wants to play club. Because even if you ask people to not fight in it and fight somewhere else you immediately get summarily executed by non antag vagabonds. Admins seriously need to do something about this bullshit. If anyone noticed, I only said one thing to them which isn't even hostile or threatening and immediately get geeked. Murder rules definitely doesn't allow for something like this.

Note I checked antag hud and Reese was an antag (unsure when he rolled it because I only checked like 20 minutes after) but Lenny wasn't and since Lenny was also actively looking to itch the twitch and, he was the one who fired the first shot this thread is definitely about him. Not to mention they have no problem healing each other in their "to the death" duel but don't even bother to try and heal me/get me back into the round after killing me fnr.
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Re: If this is nonantag murder this is bullshit

Post by Gray »

This was not okay and it's been looked into and resolved.
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Post by DaesobE »

i dont blame you guys. the time i will get anything from them is when i go by there and it is something i really need. if i have to order something i usually start with tom over at flashback f100s. he is good people.
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