Naely's Moderator Application - EN Sector

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Naely's Moderator Application - EN Sector

Post by Naelyy » Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:11 pm

BYOND username:


Discord Tag:


Which characters do you play as, if any:

Eleanora Rose

What is your timezone?:


What times are you active?:

If I'm not on the server, I'm on the Discord, otherwise, I'm usually around 2 - 4 PM to 7-3AM, early mornings as well.

How long have you played SS13?:

I have played SS13 since June 23rd, though I had an older account and played with it back in 2016, give or take.

How long have you played on Eris?:

I have played Eris since (probably) the 10th, you might wanna take a week off as I often don't really join Discords

Previous SS13 Admin Experience, if any:

Previous SS13 Experience;
Mentor - Scorpio Station, no warns of removals.
Discord Mod - Cadia Station, still not technically ss13 itself but very related.

Previous Admin experience, if any:

>Number of Garry's Mod RP Servers.
Not listed here though I'll gladly talk about them in private.
They weren't DarkRP, they were serious, purely text and multipara as well. In fact, I was an admin for 2-4 years on a rather large HL2RP that got 100 people daily.

>Vampire the Masquerade RP
Currently in the works, ran by a few friends and I, it takes place in a fictional town made up to allow greater flexibility for our venue. It has roughly 20-30 folk in there and were all drafting up our character sheets.

I've helped out on a number of other, more minor, VtM servers that have held around 2-6 people, main ST included.

>I've worked on a MOO that, for privacy's sake, I won't name here as it's in the works (and currently doing it first few rounds, yes rounds, of beta testing) I've since retired from the project but I've been getting invested again, offering help and motivational help via artwork and other stuff.

>My own MOO, won't really get into it but it'll be a fantasy project, imagine Warhammer Fantasy if a bit more modern, imagine riflemen carrying power packs that fire beams of energy at their enemies with said riflemen carrying bayonets on them, that sort of thing.

>Co-lead of the BDW on Escalation 1984, I don't think I really need to talk about this one, I work with CeSium.

>Along with this, I've been a mentor on Scorpio Station (as mentioned) and I've also been a Discord Mod on Cadia Station and organized the Ordo Hereticus on there as the leader of the overall faction.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

The main reason why I'd like to be an admin is less for the banning but more just seeing what I can contribute to the team. I like Eris and not a lot of ss13 servers fit what I enjoy due to this, I really wanna see Eris continue to grow and hopefully help it become a better community in the process.

Extra notes:

Extra notes would be that yes, I'm interested in helping out the code side of things, I've been taking peaks every so often and I'd really like to help out where I can.

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Re: Naely's Moderator Application - EN Sector

Post by Alani » Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:47 pm

Do you have a time zone for your times?

I have more edits here,

If you want to contribute to code, then feel free to submit PRs, if your PRs are accepted and liked by majority of staff and you are interested in coding for Eris, it is not hard to become coder.

I have no idea what a moo is. But ok.

If you want to contribute there are a lot more ways to contribute than just being a moderator. Moderators are expected to moderate, not deal with everything within development and such.

Please see the NAP in the Administration rules here:

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Re: Naely's Moderator Application - EN Sector

Post by Naelyy » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:36 am

I've gone over that, yeah, the contributions section was more "Hey, while I'm also doing mod stuff, I'll be figuring out code so I can help out here and there when I'm not on the server (Which.. Shouldn't be often.)
Exact times on days would be:
Monday: 3:30 - 5:50 PM, 7:30 PM to 3 AM
Tuesday: The above
Wednesday: Again, the above.
Thursday: 4:30 to again, 3 AM.
Friday: The same schedule from Mon to Wed.
Saturdays: Any time past 4PM.
Sundays: Any time past 3:30.

Again, (unless it cut out) my time zone is EST, right now (for me), it's 8:35 PM

I'm available, mostly, when it's mid day - night when barely anyone will be on (and when I expect there not to be many staff on at times.)

MOOs are entirely text based games that tend to have around 10-100 people playing them.

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Re: Naely's Moderator Application - EN Sector

Post by Gray » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:59 pm

Thanks for applying, your application is now in queue. You will be contacted through discord once your turn comes up.

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