Ban in discord for a joke

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Ban in discord for a joke

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BYOND username:


Banning admin:

Don't know

Type of Ban:


Reason for ban:

Reason: You were banned from CEV Eris | Травит какие-то охуительные истории про суицид чате, про пизду и про жопу мертвой девушки, токсичный человек не нужный сообществу. ''dyno bot''
Translate - tells stories about suicide In chat, about pussy and about ass dead girl, toxic person, not needed by the community.

Your version of events:

So, I was joking about a suicide, I'm not a psychopath to talk about this in all seriousness, I’ll not joke anymore and will pour into the gray mass, because these jokers are not loved and banned without warning.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

Because i was joking, and i'm newbie, and i was banned without warning.

Extra notes:

Warning issued altogether in another channel and without slap, and it was most likely a request, not a warning, so they banned me without warning