Round ID: b8a-dwSc

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Round ID: b8a-dwSc

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This was a good three hour round that I feel like was enjoyable for everyone. The storyteller was very kind this time around and only spawned two batches of normal antagonists.

Quite late into the round, about 2 hours 30, IH gets assaulted by a group of three people. Desmon, Lenny and Axel. Axel used the ID of an operative they killed to enter the IH office I was in and pulled out a gun. I was quick on the draw and downed all 3 of them. Desmond(the only antag of the three) used a freedom implant and escaped, later killed by an operative who chased him. All three were using lethals at IH. They also previously killed a previous IH Operative(Turbo) a few minutes after they woke up from cryo.

I'd like for another admin to look into this and figure out why Axel and Lenny were rioting and attacking IH with lethals seemingly unprovoked. Lenny also previously whacked an IH operative with a claymore and got 20 minutes for it.