el drone staff applications

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el drone staff applications

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BYOND username:


Discord Tag:


Which characters do you play as, if any:

Marin Mrack/Drone

What is your timezone?:

GMT+3, Moscow

What times are you active?:

weekend morning, a little in the afternoon, and completely in the evening

How long have you played SS13?:

2-3 years

How long have you played on Eris?:

2-3 years,I started my introduction to SS13 with the cev-eris build

Previous SS13 Admin Experience, if any:

Local Cev-Eris server.

Previous Admin experience, if any:

A couple of Gmod projects, minecraft.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

Why not? I just want to help the guys who need help and the admin role can help me with this.

Extra notes:

Rosalimo answered neutrally to my question about the quality of me as an administrator.

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