Player complaint: Kegdo

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Player complaint: Kegdo

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I initially tried to deal with it with an ahelp, which got partially resolved in discord by Dageslav, but he said he couldn't so much without the logs for the round, so hopefully someone gets them with an official forum report.

What I'm complaining about is kegdo breaking IC and OOC rules to meta target me and murderbone, just to spite me.

First of all, kegdo new which one was my character because I showed him 30-60 minutes before he joined a screenshot to show the items he sprited when I asked him, and when he joined the ghosted to follow me around (and i know because he used LOOC to drop two messages over probably 10 minutes). Having said that, it begins in medbay. I was following a vagabond, Plague Rat, because I suspected him of being mind controlled by a borer (and talking to himself). He lured out some clueless guild tech with the excuse of said tech having a borer still inside. I followed them to medbay after a moment, only to see plague rat speed out with a soporifered tech and run into medbay bathroom. After me shooting him once and standoff, I let plague rat go and then examined the guild tech body: head was missing, no borer. I went to medbay where Rat was healing, and Alban Winters was nearby watching the fight (this is an important detail). I KO Rat and sleeper him, because I didn't want him to die. A medic, Vida, arrived in medbay at this time. From here, the situation precipitates.

The first and only message the borer sent, which I did not know was kegdo, after he slipped out of Plague Rat and paralyzed me was: you're mine now. Having operated under the suspicious that a borer was gaming to kill people, and with an ominous message in my chat, I thought it was over for me and my character was gonna get used for griefing. I asked to be soporifered by the people in medbay, but vida was in scanner room to help Plague Rat and Alban was too busy looking over the body of the dead tech to pay attention, so no one did anything when I asked. Then the borer took control. You might be wondering, what would a borer do at this time? Well, the very first thing he did, and I mean literally the first thing, was to immediately draw my gun and try to suicide by sticking it in my (character's) mouth, but the gun was empty. He reloaded, then went to suicide again. This time he stopped being the click, and the borer thought it would be funny to immediately start blasting the other people in medbay. Good thing I was hurt, because no real harm was done and vida killed my char easily.

At this point i stopped paying attention to IC, being dead, and worried about dchat. I called kegdo (after i found out it was him the borer from the dchat tag) a cunt and asshole for abusing borer status and powers first to suicide, then to kill other people with 0 reason. His excuse? That because I said I had a borer in me he "had to defend himself". I will like to point out that the first thing he did to defend himself was killing my character by suicide which also kills the borer, and then he defended himself by immediately engaging in a 3v1 battle and dying. Then, kegdo openly acknowledged and pointed out how I was getting revived. This is an important detail, too, and kedgo did not leave dchat until after I was revived.

After revival, I immediately entered paincrit from the damage I still had. Kedgo lied to Dageslav saying no other people left medbay when I reported kegdo metagaming my location and char in medbay to target me. It's a lie because 4 people where in medbag. Vida, Alban, Plague Rat and me. When I woke up from paincrit, Plague Rat was still in the surgery room with me and Vida and left medbay 5 seconds before me (the time it took me to reload my guns) passing right by the medbay lobby table, where kedgo was waiting for me to leave medbay.

Thus we enter the last stage of his shitlery. When he ambushes me and slithers in my head, he said and I quote:"I hope nothing [X] happens this time". I say X because I remember it being "I hope nothing goofy happens this time" but I'm not 100% sure on goofy so I'll leave it blank. My options were very limited now. If I entered medbay, he'd assume control and either kill me with suicide or kill vida, so I went to my locker at theater to eat donuts and hopefully stun him with sugar. It didn't work, and I point out that he did not utter a single word after infecting me in medbay. I buckled to a chair in front of the washing machines to open my head and extract the borer but he assumed control and disposabled me. In disposals he immediately released control so he could refresh the mind control power. When I reached NT trash room, i tried to make a chair and finish what I started since there's 0 escape from a borer. Kedgo assumed control again, then when I was resisting out his influence (takes 60 seconds), he released control again to prevent me from stunning him with the take over and refresh the cooldown after a few seconds.
He did this another time, the arguable exploit to constant assume and release control to refresh the CD and prevent being stunned.
When he got tired, what do you think he did ladies and gentlemen? That's right, he drew my gun, aimed mouth and suicided, killing himself in the process (but killing me too out of spite). For the second time in a row, kedgo plan to "survive and reproduce" (the IC rules and arguably imperatives of borers) was to kill himself twice, which doesn't matter as borer because you can bypass any respawn timer by clicking on an empty borer child to immediately start gayming again.

To summarize, I accude kegdo of:
- ooc rule break (metagaming) because:
  • 1. Ghosted and spectated me based on OOC knowledge
    2. Openly acknowledged for me to be revived
    3. Waited for my revival before respawning as borer
    4. Let at least one person (Plague Rat) if not two (Alban Winters) leave medbay in order to specifically target me, despite him saying no one else left medbay.
    5. Saying "I hope nothing X happens this time" upon infesting me, despite having respawned with a fresh borer
    6. Cheesing the borer system to respawn 5 times, two of which involved me.
- IC rules break (borer antag rules and murderbone) because:
  • 1. Upon being ratted out, the first thing the did was to suicide, but failed due to empty gun. Then he reloaded the gun, tried to suicide again, but stopped and engaged in a 3v1 fight where he "protected his existence" by dying.
    2. Abuse the ability to assume and release control to constantly refresh the cooldown and prevent the host from doing anything back
    3. Once again, "surviving" by killing my character by suicide and also himself, out of spite and because he think borer status is a license to kill.
Here's a screenshot of the 5 respawns he had, the third and fourth being respectively after medbay shootout and after he killed me by suicide. He metagamed with Ooc knowledge, targeted me specifically with said knowledge, and then ignored IC and antag rules just to abuse the ability to bypass a 30m respawn timer by picking empty borer bodies and continuing with his shitter behavior. I hope the logs actually get recovered this time, because I already gave a detailed account to Dageslav but somehow it wasn't proof of blatant rules break.
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