Mycah's Staff Application

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Mycah's Staff Application

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BYOND username:


Discord Tag:


Which characters do you play as, if any:

Theodore Bear

What is your timezone?:

Us Eastern Seaboard

What times are you active?:

Weekday evenings, most weekends

How long have you played SS13?:

Off and on since 2019, a total of maybe a thousand hours.

How long have you played on Eris?:

In total, playtime is probably only a couple hundred hours max.

Previous SS13 Admin Experience, if any:


Previous Admin experience, if any:

I've played Dungeon Master for DnD groups since ADnD, and have acted as team lead for neanderthal fiber construction teams for years.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

I can help.

Extra notes:

My wife makes excellent cookies. Consider this a bribe.

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