Wiki Format Uniformity; Suggestions welcome

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Wiki Format Uniformity; Suggestions welcome

Post by Alani »

Making this thread so it's easier to track formatting or format ideas when it comes to certain pages.

Currently Role Page formats should be like this:

whatever the thing is to center text// ROLE NAME HERE //

Basic description, include 'Aboard CEV "Eris" '
Basic guide, not too indepth and not enough to hand hold them to complete their role.
Any tips yourself believe will benefit, this is where you can give hints for people but not directly tell them.

Any specialized roles, like medical specialist or agrolyte can include a more indepth guide because there is no reason for there to be a separate guide for one role.

Now when it comes to Guide Pages, there currently is not real format. In the future, maybe December or January time frame I will look into maybe formatting the guide pages so they're less obvious as to who worked on them. Right now its easy to figure out who wrote what guide simply based on how each guide is formatted. Guide pages aren't on the priority list to be formatted because they only need to be simple and easy to understand or follow.

Trello usage:

We have a trello, it isn't really mandatory to update or use but feel free to use it as a sort of checklist. Currently Nozey has been added as an Admin because I got a job that lets me 'sEe ThE wOrLd' so he can add anyone to the 'team' or whatever along with the board so you can post updates and such.

If anyone has any ideas as to formatting or maybe any ideas to make the Wiki appeal nicer to look at, feel free to post your suggestions here. Also to note, if you have any good Dark Wiki themes do post them here. We are looking to change the wiki theme to something dark and more easy to see for us hungover and sun hating people.

Edit: Will be out of area from November 13th through December 15th.
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Re: Wiki Format Uniformity; Suggestions welcome

Post by lieutenantwiseguy »

All I want to add to the format are small icons next to each section of the page, e.g

(Page for IH gunny)
==Guide==(wheelchair icon)

==Tips==(gunny sarge beret icon)

It's not necessary at all but it's done very well on the TG wiki and looks very nice.
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