Tenno Discord Moderator Application

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Tenno Discord Moderator Application

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BYOND username:


Discord Tag:


What is your timezone?:

Germany, CET

What times are you active?:

9am to 10pm usually

How long have you played SS13?:

Since January 2020

How long have you played on Eris?:

Since January 15

Previous SS13 Admin Experience, if any:


Previous Admin experience, if any:

Forum administration and moderation, discord moderation.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

Moderator, but I got asked and think I am up for the task regarding I don't have personal bias or prejudice towards anyone in the discord server and consider myself polite and patient enough to not act overly rash.

Extra notes:

Ain't no hard feelings around if you decide against me, its a volunteer job I do like to take and help out with.
Given the current Corona fun isn't affecting me any longer considering work, i have a regular schedule and will be mostly available after 5 pm my time zone until late into the night.