LeadOnTaste's Staff Application

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LeadOnTaste's Staff Application

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BYOND username:


Discord Tag:

Ciaphas Cain#7185

Which characters do you play as, if any:

Damien Hawkins

What is your timezone?:

GMT+3, Moscow

What times are you active?:

Nearly all daytime of GMT+3.

How long have you played SS13?:

I played SS13 from 2018-2019, having experience of being at CM (Colonial Marines), Desert Rose (Bad Deathclaw), Civ13, TerraGov Marine Corps (TGMC, have quite good reputation there), russian Animus servers (degraded quite fast, so they have nearly zero authority now), Tau Ceti Classic, Halo 13 (Official Halo Server), IS12, NSV 13, BeeStation (Golden/Sage)

How long have you played on Eris?:

I played on Eris for approximately 2-3 months of this year, but also played approximately few weeks in 2020.

Previous SS13 Admin Experience, if any:

I was coder and mentor at russian Fallout 13, when it was in development and has different owner.

Previous Admin experience, if any:

Continuously being Admin in Garry's Mod, having own gaming clan in Discord with RP elements, also being strictly controlled. Have experience in defending against cyber-attacks on server.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

I want to help community by giving them useful hints at specific departments and also overwatch the round to make it more interesting, especially in case of antagonists, due to frequent murderbone situations from carrions, contractors and so-called "trash-conversions" from Excelsior Infiltrators, what gave the Excelsior humiliating nickname "Incelsior".

Extra notes:

Attention: I can be quite strict and have a thing into warcrimes. Due to bad relationships with social interactions, I can be a bit cringy in Discord. Also do not ask me for sprites, I know Eluxor (Halo 13 Headspriter) but nothing more.