Tworedshirt - Rosalimo

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Tworedshirt - Rosalimo

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BYOND username:


Banning admin:


Where were you banned:

En Server

Type of Ban:


Reason for ban:

Griefer, started to kill crewmembers as maint drone, when asked about his answered, I don't really care. This ban was applied by rosalimo on 2020-07-24 24:44:43

Your version of events:

It was last late i had a bad and my round was quickly cut short for other reasons. i respawned as a maintenance drone and started to be a bit of a shitter by trying to seal the guild. another player took my work as a challenge and started to pick me up and break things in the guild and i got fed up. I was sick of getting steped on all the time so i retaliated. i went too far and still on the high of anger i didn't properly responded to the Admin Pings saying "I don't really care" rather than properly answering.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

I believe i've served my time for breaking the rule on sillicon policy and would rather be job banned than perma banned from the server.

Extra notes:

I've broken the rules and im sorry. i just want to go back to being able to play with people.

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Re: Tworedshirt - Rosalimo

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Unbanned. Thank you for taking the time to think on what you did and realizing your mistake. Players like you are ones I like. Everyone makes mistakes.